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Ebb & Flow The Duo is a South East Queensland based acoustic covers duo, formed by Shahni & Eddie in 2020.

With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys to Frankie Valli, Amy Winehouse to Bob Marley, our eclectic music range has a sound for every event.



- Lead Vocals / Guitar

Influences: Yebba/Tori Kelly /Whitney Houston

"Music is certainly in the blood! Dad taught me my first tune at 6yrs old & I grew up listening to my Koro play & sing Maori songs so the talent for music really is generational. I've been driving everybody crazy by constantly singing at the top of my lungs since I was a baby & I've always gravitated to those big ballad voices like Whitney, Mariah & Celine. I was fortunate to find a group of seriously talented kids at my high school Rosehill College in Papakura, Auckland, who helped me not only come out of my shell but to find the music styles that would influence my playing style as an adult. I fine tuned my harmonies & guitar playing singing alto for a little trio in my early teens, performing for events, gigs & school plays, then going on to sing in the school jazz band at 16 & 17 & competing in Australasia. I think music carries the stories of our ancestors & I'm so proud I carry mine with me no matter where I travel & that I can share a bit of me by doing what I love."


- Guitar / Vocals & Backing

Influences: Tommy Emmanuel/George Benson

"As with many pacific island families, gatherings and church is where our love of music first stems from. At a young age growing up as a first generation, NZ-born Samoan in Mt Roskill I had an interest in playing guitar and despite not actually owning a guitar for many years I would watch other players and absorb all I could. As a teenager, I played for several church bands and groups, and even joined the barbershop group, something I would continue into my adult years. After leaving school, I took a long hiatus on playing until some good friends put money together to buy me my first guitar! One of those same friends dragged me, the shy Samoan boy, across Auckland to open mic nights and venues. Public performing was terrifying at that stage but I will always be thankful to him for renewing my passion for music. In 2014, I moved from Auckland to Brisbane where I have teamed up with another good friend to start creating music again. Playing in Ebb & Flow is so fulfilling as I get to play across many different genres and decades of music while injecting my influence and style into it. My joy is watching people enjoy the music as much as I love creating it."

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